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          Lubrication Systems
  Single shot lubrication::
In this system preset dose of oil supplied to all lubrication point simultaneously.

* Intermittent System
* Time Based
* Load Based
* Oil is consumed at the lubrication point and in not circulated back to the reservoir
* Metering Cartridge is available in range of 0.01cc /cycle-1.6cc/cycle.

Dual Line Lubrication System :

Intel to does feeders is connected to these two lines and the outlets from the feeders are connected to points of lubrication.
The pump feeds grease / oil alternately into the two mains lines through the reversing valve.


* Working Pressure 100-300 Kg/cm2.
* Feeds metered grease to hundreds of lubrication points a pipeline .
* Option of Manual, Motorized and Pneumatically Operated Pumps.
* Control Panels for Automatic Operation



Progressive Lubrication System :

Multipoint Lubricator ::
These types of lubricators are fitted on a machine suitable and are connected to the lubrication point by means of welded/seamless steel tubes, rubber hoses and compression type fittings and clamps.


* Suitable for both Viscous Oil and Grease.
* Reservoir Capacities : 2L-100L
* No. Of outlets : 1-36
* Motor Specification : 0.16 HP-1.5 HP
* Operating Pressure : up to 250 Kg./cm2
* Output/ outlet/ min : 0.05-25cc
* Grease : up to NLGI 3
* Multipoint Oil Lubricator with oil site window in suction line is provided for Ben Berry Mixture

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